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1190 E. Ohio Avenue, Lake Helen, FL 32744
(386) 228-3525

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Fintastic Fish Mounts
is now owned by Rick Hardy
Fish Taxidermy
A Unique Species Company

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They make great conversation pieces that you may have caught a glimpse of in seafood restaurants and waterfront bars all over the world.

Rick provides fiberglass release fish mounts for $12 and up per inch with a $240 minimum. If you have a question about Rick Hardy's Taxidermy Services please call us at: (386) 228-3525 or email:

Please come by our showroom
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Fish taxidermy through fiberglass fish mounts for the Catch & Release, Freshwater, Saltwater, & Fly Fishing  angler. The largest selection of sportsfish mounts available.  Over 400 species and over 5000 different mounts. The only taxidermist to carry the NAFC Seal of Approval.

The trip of a lifetime and you have just landed your dream fish... a trophy to be mounted-- to preserve the memories of this moment. This could only be, if you choose to kill this game and actively struggling trophy. There really is another choice....

We mount your fish from your photo or description and measurements.

Quality: We have supplied the awards for the North American Fishing Club 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 Catch & Release contest and have been selected to do the same until 2003 .

See our SHARKS at the Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas!!

The BC Sportfishing Museum, Granville Island, Vancouver, BC; Hotel de la Soledad, Morelia, MX; Saginaw Bay Visitors Center, Bay City, MI; Shell Factory, No. Ft. Myers, FL; South Dakota Dept. of Fish & Game, Standard Hotel, Hollywood, CA and Old Wisconsin Inn Restaurant, Chicago, IL have mounts supplied by Fintastic.

Our products have been featured on the NBC Today Show. Our Master taxidermist, now is Rick Hardy, he was one of the first to begin using the fiberglass molding methods over 20 years ago. Rick is a protege of Bob Davis of Ike Shaw & Co. and Bob Davis Fish mounts, one of the developers of the fiberglass methods.

The fish species of your interest area are under the advisory of a marine biologist who advises us on mount shape (action) and colors. Consumer response at various sport shows has shown a high preference for our mounts.

The tunes are dedicated to Dad, Paul H. Phillips, Sr., he whistled them on the way to the duck blind at 3 AM and on the way back from the fishing grounds after dark. Dad, I know you are still with me, drawing the bead and setting the hook. Thanks Dad.

Pompano Iguana Rooster Fish Permit Fish Leatherback Turtle Aldabra Tortoise Loggerhead Turtle Giant Frog Zebra Rhino Snapper Tuna Gator Opah


US OFFICE: Rick Hardy Fish Taxidermy
1190 E. Ohio Avenue, Lake Helen, FL 32744
Phone: (386) 228-3525

Fintastic Fish Mounts of Lake Helen, FL and Westbank,  BC is NOT associated with any other organization bearing similar names at any other location.
The Bitterness of poor quality remains long after the Sweetness of low price is forgotten!

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